How Do Answering Services Help With Email Monitoring?

Responding To Customer Email Inquiries

How many times have you sent an email to a business via their website’s “contact us” form and either received no response or received an automated reply that gave no indication of when you should expect a response?

Unfortunately, this lack of email response messaging is all too common. And in today’s competitive market, when consumers expect prompt attention, it’s simply a poor business practice. Just as customers expect to reach a live agent as quickly as possible when they call a business, they likewise expect that their email will be answered, and soon.

Email monitoring and responding is yet another way answering services are able to enhance a business’s quality of customer service. Agents can monitor email accounts 24/7, such as those linked to “contact us” or “FAQ” pages, and either forward them or respond to them based on the business owner’s instructions.

Likewise, if a website allows clients to fill out more detailed requests for service, the answering service staff can respond or redirect those emails according to priority level.

Relief & Reassurance

The benefits are twofold — it relieves the business’s staff of being tethered to email, and reassures customers that their message was received and their business is valuable.

This is a huge help to a company’s sales team. The most frustrating things about emails left on a website are that it’s very hard to connect with the customer and a sales team can waste a lot of time trying to do so.

Towne has found a very effective solution to this problem. When an email is submitted on a client’s website, one of our receptionists calls the person who submitted the email and asks them a few questions. They then attempt to connect them to a salesperson for that company. If the sender of the email is not available, we leave a message so they’re aware they company is trying to reach them. Per the sales team’s instructions, we then follow up to arrange for a connection when the customer is available to talk.

Once again, this relieves the sales team from spending a lot of wasted time trying to connect with customers when they’re unavailable while reassuring the customer that their inquiry is important and the business values prompt customer service.

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