Whether they’re calling to schedule a routine examination or need immediate help during a dental emergency, your patients expect to be greeted by a friendly, professional voice when they call your dental office. They also want to know their sensitive information is being handled privately and confidentially at all times. Towne Answering Service offers a flexible, cost-effective, secure answering and scheduling service for dentists that will enable your practice to fulfill your patients’ expectations. Your callers will always have access to a live, well-trained individual who is ready and able to respond to their needs.

Broad Selection of Customizable Dental Answering Service Offerings

Regardless of the size or scope of your dental practice, Towne can work with you to develop a customized answering service program tailored to your operation. Our standard services include Call Overflow, which is ideal for busy dental offices where the phone never seems to stop ringing. With this service, incoming calls will be forwarded automatically to us after a specified number of rings — you’ll never have to worry about missing calls, even during your busiest times of the day. Plus, our After-Hours Service gives you the peace of mind of knowing your patients can always reach someone during an emergency.

We also offer a variety of specialized answering services that will enhance your office’s operating efficiency. For example, our Appointment Scheduling service will allow your staff to do everything from setting up patient visits in predetermined time slots to creating robust online calendars that make it easier to track appointments and cancellations. So, your office staff will have more time to spend on what matters most: delivering the best possible patient care. 

We Understand the Importance of Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA regulations impact virtually every area of a dental practice these days. At Towne, we’ve taken the appropriate steps to ensure our dentist answering service meets all relevant HIPAA compliance guidelines. Our operators receive extensive HIPAA training, so they know how to handle sensitive data and maintain patient privacy. Our HIPAA-related standard service offerings include a secure web portal for limiting patient file access to designated individuals within your practice. Our specialized answering services include enhanced text messaging for the secure transmission of PHI. 

Our Combination of the Best People and State-of-the-Art Technology Sets Us Apart 

At Towne, achieving the seamless integration of people and technology has been the driving force behind our company for more than 65 years. Our operators receive comprehensive, industry- and practice-specific training, and they share our commitment to providing exceptional caller service. Our Souderton, PA, facility is equipped with the most advanced telecommunications technology and features built-in redundancies to minimize the risk of system failure. When you put the two together, you get a high-quality, reliable 24/7/365 dental answering service you can trust. 

Contact Us for More Information Our Dental Office Answering Service 

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