Towne Answering Service has been in the Live Operator Answer and Dispatch business since the early 1950’s.  Property Managers and Management Companies, both big and small, have been trusting Towne to meet their needs and ease their burden for a long time now.  Whether you are a property owner, a small complex, have multi-site property management or even a Home Owners Association, Towne Answering will provide you with a customized solution to meet your needs and those of your residents.

Best Property Management Answering Service 

As much as you may want (or NOT want!) to be there all the time for the tenants in your buildings, the reality is that you cannot.  But – We Can!  All day, all-night, every day, including holidays – every day.  Towne operators are here, ready to answer and meet the needs of your office, staff, and most importantly the people that depend on you.  We build custom accounts, designed with you, not for you, in order to meet the specific needs you may have.  You decide what we say, what we do, how we say it and ultimately how we transmit that information to you.

Our extensively trained operators follow your customized account as the call unfolds.  Tenant questions, check.  Urgent messages, check.  Emergency Services needed, check.  You will decide how we proceed through each type of call, who is contacted, when and how.  And if those procedures need to change as needs change – we can do that easily too.

We Don’t Believe in the Cookie-Cutter Approach 

And it doesn’t stop with answering your calls.  Scheduling appointments for marketing or repairs – yup, got you covered there too.  We are more than a call center – we can be your partner in success.  Contact us or give us a call to see how we can set up a customized plan to fit the needs of your environment.

Some Specific examples of our customizable property management answering service…. 

  • Virtual Receptionist: Let our team of highly skilled operators act as an around-the-clock receptionist for your properties by taking incoming calls from customers and routing callers to the appropriate people only when your criteria is met. You’ll be able to project a professional image that will set you apart from your competitors.
  • Dispatching/Scheduling: Use our service to enhance your scheduling and dispatching functions. We can help you provide timely information to your callers or even schedule showing appointments. You can also count on our service for assistance in preparing for emergency situations, such as a local crisis or service outage.
  • Flexible Message Delivery Options: Use our property management answering service to communicate with your staff using the modes that work best for you, whether it’s by live operator, email, fax, internet, text, voicemail or any combination of these methods.
  • Call Overflow: When someone has an inquiry or need, the last thing they want is to be kept waiting. Our Call Overflow service can ensure your customers will always reach a live operator, even during peak business periods. With this service, incoming calls are forwarded to an available operator after a specified number of rings instead of being sent directly to voicemail.

About Our State-of-the-Art Technology

Call center technology has made significant strides since we started our business more than 65 years ago. Instead of old-fashioned rotary phones and switchboards, we now use the most advanced technological innovations to provide the highest level of reliability and consistency to meet the lofty expectations of today’s callers.

Several carriers supply our phone lines and our internet connections come from three suppliers to ensure multiple, diverse entry points. All systems feature built-in redundancies to provide maximum protection against failures. You’ll rest easy knowing your calls will always be able to get through when calling for your properties.