Answering Service for Insurance Agents in Pennsylvania and Beyond

Policyholders demand superior service from their insurance provider. Whether they’re calling to make a change to their coverage, ask a question about their premium or report a claim, they expect that their voice will be heard when they call. They also want to avoid the frustration of navigating a complicated phone tree or having their call head straight to voicemail.

If you own or manage an insurance agency and are looking for ways to improve your telephone service, Towne Answering Service can help. Our call center services for insurance companies can ensure there is someone available to take your clients’ calls on a 24/7/365 basis. You’ll never have to worry about missing an important phone call again.

All Calls Are Answered by Trained Professionals

Many agents are hesitant about using an insurance call center outsourcing service due to concerns about quality. All Towne operators receive extensive testing and training on specific caller needs and follow all applicable industry, company and account protocols. You can rest assured knowing your clients are speaking with knowledgeable professionals who can provide the reliable assistance they expect when they call your company.

Our ongoing internal evaluation process ensures that our operators will continue to provide friendly and efficient service to every caller.

We Offer a Host of Customized Standard and Specialized Services

We can tailor our selection of premium call center services for insurance companies to meet your agency’s unique requirements. Standard offerings include our Call Overflow Service that automatically forwards calls to one of our live operators after a certain number of rings instead of going to voicemail. Our After-Hours Service allows your clients to get the claims process started even if an incident occurs during the evening or on weekends or holidays.

Our specialized answering services include Disaster Support that enables Towne to act as your communications hub if a severe weather event or other catastrophe disrupts the power supply. This can prove invaluable for providing prompt claims service to your clients in the wake of a flood, hurricane or tornado. We also offer an Appointment Scheduling Service that will help you see more prospects and increase your agency’s sales.

We Support Our Operators and Services With State-of-the-Art Technology

There have been significant technological developments in the 65+ years that Towne has been in business. We continue to integrate these changes into our Souderton, Pennsylvania call center facility and operating systems. We’re able to accommodate just about any communication method — phone calls, SMS text, email, etc. — and our built-in redundancies ensure uninterrupted service and unsurpassed reliability.

Give Towne Answering Service a ring at 215-723-4316 or contact us today to learn more about our answering service for insurance agents.