What is Email Monitoring?

Well, for starters, we don’t read your email!  At least not literally anyway.

Of course, we are fully staffed 24/7/365 and ready to have a live operator answer your calls.  But what if….. customers or automated systems contact you via email – even more so ‘what if’ when that email arrives and no one sees it?

Towne Email Management Services

We can provide 24/7 email monitoring to perform basic functions such as simply notifying your staff of the content in a received email or as complex as searching for keywords and acting upon predetermined protocols (ex. Forward during the day, reach on-call after hours). Rules can be established based upon keywords, email source, time of day, subject matter, etc. Messages can even be sent via Enhanced Text to ensure delivery and acknowledgment of receipt or escalate as appropriate.

Here are just a few of the many ways we can customize our services to meet your business requirements: 

  • Dispatch from Email Web Submission – repair requests, appointment needs, sales inquiries and more can be sent to us for processing and distribution to the correct point of contact in any sort of protocol needed based upon content, subject or keywords 
  • Alarm and Sensor Notifications – not all alarms are equal in required response.  So don’t treat them that way.  We can sort through the alerts that are received.  No need to look at everything when you can just look at the things that need immediate attention.  Triage at its best – hold what can be held until later, deal with the hot fires now.  Why attempt to field it?  Imagine the saved expense – end the hassle!
  • Target Action Emails – Triage inbound emails, web form submissions, etc.  Leads, inquires emergencies, and the like, can be acted upon immediately enhancing response time all the while free you from the burden of sifting through the dirt to find the gold. 
  • Lead Capture & Qualification – The email received here  would typically be from an inquiry.  That can be keyword evaluated and directed to appropriate follow-up or an operator can contact that person and ensure that your standards are met before directing the information to your staff – saving you valuable time and effort!
  • Automated Updates to Account Information – If we were to already be answering your calls, updates to your account can be sent via email and our system can then automatically apply the changes without incurring a programming fee.

The cost of missing business or failing to follow through is high – don’t get caught short!

Learn more about how Towne can customize our specialized business answering services to meet your company’s requirements. Give us a ring at 215-723-4316 today.