What do Landscapers, Tree Services and Excavators have in common? 

The work can be busy and fast paced, you don’t get to spend a lot of time in your office (if you even have one!) and especially, things get ……


So when customers call, what happens?  Well, you either stop what you’re doing to answer the call – did you even feel your phone ring? – or……. at the sound of the beep…..

With the far majority of your business coming over the phone, every missed call is a missed opportunity.

Towne Answering Service can provide highly-trained live operators who will deliver the prompt, reliable, 24/7/365 phone service that will give you peace of mind from knowing your customers are receiving the care and attention they deserve and you are too!

Towne Answering Service – THE choice for LOUD Contractors! 

There are plenty of standard phone answering services for contractors that take messages and provide basic information about your company. At Towne, our U.S.-based operators receive industry-specific training that enables them to deliver a higher level of service to you and your customers.

We have been working with service companies since the late 1950’s – how many answering services can say that – let alone boast that they still have some of those firms as clients today?  Each of our customers receives a custom built account – tailored to the needs of their individual business.  We would do the same for you!  Large or small, virtual front desk when there is no ‘office’, after hours emergency service only, enhanced text messages for dispatch, you pick and choose what works best for you – we won’t force you into a cookie cutter mold.


Towne can help your business GROW too!  How many calls do you miss during the day?  How many jobs don’t wait for you?  How much does it cost to lose that job?  During your account setup we will create custom scripts and protocols with you that enable our operators to direct the caller and collect as much (or as little) information as you’d like.  You can even decide how different types of calls are handled, what is said and collected, who to give that information to and when, and how it’s delivered. Just one lost job can pay for a years worth of our service many times over! 


We are Here To Be Your Partner

In serving your clients we serve you.  That’s what its about for both of us, doing the job.  You keep doing your job – don’t get so upset about being interrupted or missed calls that you climb a tree! (Unless of course that’s what you’re supposed to be doing….)  Don’t be frustrated with sub-par service.  Towne Answering has been doing this for a long time.  Trust us when we say we know that we can provide unparalleled customer service utilizing a unique blend of people and technology to present you with customized communication solutions.  Superior product for reasonable prices – helping you to do the same.  

We are Here When You Need Us the Most

Every Contractor has its slow times of the year.  For Landscapers it could be those early winter months when fall cleanup is done and the snows have yet to begin.  Excavators and site workers are most likely slow in the winter months.  Both could be doing snow removal though.  And Tree service probably tends to be more of an emergency nature in the winter and crazy in the spring and fall.  So – if you’ve got some slack time in your year, why pay for 12 months?  Put your account on hold and resume when it picks up again!  One of the many ways that we can customize what we do for you.

No additional staff, more efficient time for you, all of your calls answered live – why would you do anything different? 

Call today to learn what we can do for your business! (We’ll be able to hear you!!)

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