Specialized Business Answering Services

Have you ever had the frustrating experience of hiring an answering service to handle your company’s phone calls, only to discover it didn’t have the expertise to meet your unique business requirements?

At Towne Answering Service, we take pride in our ability to provide customized solutions for diverse industries ranging from healthcare and finance to legal and insurance. We have a variety of specialized answering services that you can choose from to increase productivity and efficiency while significantly enhancing your ability to serve your clients or patients.

Here are just a few of the many ways we can customize our services to meet your business requirements:

  • Event Registration: If your business utilizes seminars or similar formats to attract and meet potential clients, our Event Registration Service can remove the burden from your shoulders. We can make the process so much easier by accessing your seating charts and other helpful event planning and managing tools, or even your credit card portal to process payments while the caller is on the line.
  • Help Desk Support: If yours is like many businesses these days, your IT department already has enough on its plate. Our Help Desk Support Service can act as your IT department’s front line for customer interactions by performing essential functions such as fielding inquiries and building trouble tickets that are then relayed to your technicians.
  • Web Integration: For organizations that use Web-based services such as CRM, scheduling or ticketing platforms, we can work with you to identify ways to seamlessly integrate your systems and our operators. This will enable us to handle calls more efficiently and provide better service to your customers.
  • Disaster Support: A natural or human-made disaster that disrupts your company’s power supply or communications can occur at any time. (add information about why its reliable and doesn’t fail, document) That’s why our specialized call center services include Disaster Support. We’ll act as your business’s communications hub to ensure you can continue to respond to your customers during an unexpected telecommunication, equipment or power failure.
  • Secure text messaging: An ideal solution for healthcare organizations that must maintain HIPAA compliance, our Text Messaging Service features multiple encryption methods to safeguard sensitive PHI. Our operators can determine whether the message has been delivered to the intended device and read by the device’s owner.
  • Enhanced Text Messaging: A must have for service companies! Text messages can be sent your technicians with the specifics of the call and map coordinates of the service location. Message delivery confirmation ensures that the text has been delivered and allows for automatic escalation if too much time has elapsed.
  • Email Monitoring & Response: We can provide 24/7 email monitoring to perform basic functions such as simply notifying your staff of the content in a received email or as complex as searching for keywords and acting upon predetermined protocols (ex. Forward during the day, reach on-call after hours). Rules can be established based upon keywords, email source, time of day, subject matter, etc. Messages can even be sent via Enhanced Text to ensure delivery and acknowledgment of receipt or escalate as appropriate.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Our specialized answering services also include Appointment Scheduling Services ranging from inserting callers into designated time slots to managing online schedules that enable you and your staff to view real-time scheduling information.
  • Web Portal Access: Utilizing our web portal, customers can send messages directly to our live operators or perform tasks such as viewing and forwarding messages or accessing communications history. You’ll enjoy the convenience of managing your message-taking protocols, staff contact information and on-call schedules via the portal.

Learn more about how Towne can customize our specialized business answering services to meet your company’s requirements. Give us a ring at 215-723-4316 today.