Baking Pies And What Does That Have To Do With Virtual Receptionists?

Does Their Company Culture Mesh With Your Company Culture?

True story! Several years ago a potential client called to ask about our services. He asked many of the same questions other new clients ask, such as how quickly we answer calls and how we manage various call volumes. But then he asked several questions about what our office looked like that just seemed like he was getting at something beyond how many receptionists we have and how advanced our technology is.

After answering all his questions and inviting him to tour our facilities, he finally let out a sigh of relief and told me why he wanted to know so much about what our office looked like. He had hired a virtual receptionist that turned out to be a woman who was running an answering service out of her home. When he asked her why she once again had failed to pick up an important call for his business, she told him she had been taking a pie out of her oven and couldn’t answer the phone.

We shared a good laugh, but I also felt his pain. When you hire someone who will be working remotely, it’s hard to know who or what kind of situation you’re really dealing with. Unfortunately, there are many horror stories out there like this one about people who aren’t qualified or equipped to operate as an answering service or as a virtual receptionist.

What You Don’t Know Can Really Hurt You

How your calls are handled creates an impression about how you do business, so it’s smart to know what to look for if you’re considering an answering service. You want a service that employs trained receptionists who will represent your business in a professional manner and who will give your customers the correct information and instruction they need.

You want an answering service that has a long track record of excellence and the client referrals and testimonials to prove it. You want an answering service that handles your business on your terms, not theirs, and that will go above and beyond to customize their service to meet your specific needs.

Those are the qualities we’ve built Towne’s reputation on for over 65 years. Unlike the virtual receptionist hired (and fired) by the fellow mentioned above, our receptionists are dedicated, not distracted.

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