To Grow Your Business, Do One Thing – The First Thing

Growth Strategies

Most business owners and managers have lots and lots of ideas and intentions but very little actual time in which to make anything happen. What are the things you most want to see happen in your business this year? Take a few minutes to think on your own or brainstorm with a few people in your company to pin down several ideas you’d love to have time to work on.

Would you like to:

  • Improve marketing?
  • Offer a better customer experience?
  • Streamline productivity?
  • Present a seminar?
  • Develop better cash-flow?
  • Extend your business day?
  • Shorten your business day?
  • Improve employee morale?

Choose the top two items that have the potential to make the most impact. Talk about what it would take to start to make them happen. The action plan might be very different depending on which item you decide to tackle. For example, if you want to boost your marketing it could be sitting down with a friend who’s had great success in that realm. Or if you need to improve your cash-flow you may want to call a professional you already do business with to see if he or she could provide any additional advice in accounting or planning.

Make lists, categories, and even a flow chart if it is helpful. Then do one thing – the first thing. It’s often the lists and brainstorming that’s the biggest roadblock to coming up with the first action step. But once that roadblock is broken down—even if you don’t feel like you’re brainstorming is complete—the first step becomes more clear. And taking action on that first step can have a domino effect on taking action with the following steps.

Customize Your Process

Of course, my advice would be to make your ‘first thing’ a call to Towne and have a conversation about what you are looking to accomplish and see if there’s any way we can help. You’d be surprised to discover just how many additional ways we can help you!

Marketing? We can answer calls, collect data, and send you a report so that you can assess how a campaign is working. All without using any of your team’s time or talents.

Customer experience? Simply talking to a friendly and professional live person will quell the uncertainty or anxiety that’s too often created when someone is prompted to a message via voice mail. And given that our receptionists can answer FAQ’s and help customers set up an estimate or appointment, your customers are usually more than satisfied that their needs were met.

Presenting a seminar? Having Towne take your calls and answer questions and take reservations will ensure a satisfied caller without burdening your staff to do the work. Meanwhile, your staff can provide other support services for your presentation, such as gathering data or case studies.

Cash Flow? Our services can enable you to eliminate a position or use that staff member in a more profitable area, while still providing a professional front desk experience for your callers. Callers don’t even usually realize they’re speaking with a receptionist who isn’t physically in your office.

Extend your business day? Simple! Send after-hours calls to Towne, and we can easily process those calls from a different time zone with no one the wiser. Come to think of it, this will probably helping your cash flow, marketing, and customer experience endeavors all at the same time.

Shorten your business day? Simple again! Send the calls to our service and our staff can assure your callers that help is only a phone call away, all while you are at your child’s sporting event.

At Towne, we excel in partnering with our clients to help to solve their business dilemmas. Do the first thing by giving us a call, and we can help you take care of the next thing, and the next, and the next … Whether you are an existing or a new client, Towne Answering Service is always happy to consult with you to create a strategy that meets your specific needs and goals.

If you’d like to learn more about how Towne Answering Service can partner with your business to provide personalized, exceptional customer care, please call us at 800-660-4316 for a free consultation, or visit our website to learn more about our various business solutions and service commitment.